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Forme Steel

Bertie Jr The Robin Garden Ornament

Bertie Jr The Robin Garden Ornament

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Meet Bertie Jr The Robin.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little special when a little robin comes to visit me in my garden, after all, as the saying goes “A robin appears when loved ones are near” Now that special feeling can be a daily occurrence, this little guy will always be sitting there waiting outside in your garden to brighten your day, Or give that special feeling as a beautiful gift to a loved one.

Dimensions: W: 110mm x H: 90mm
Materials: 2mm mild steel
Finish: Unfinished/will rust/can be painted
Mounting: 1 x 6mm screw hole (screw not provided) can be mounted to a tree, post, fence, or shed.
Shipping: Eco-friendly

Have you ever wanted to give a gift to a friend who has lost a loved one but not known what? Our beautiful little steel robins are a perfect respectful gift to give, after all as the saying goes "a robin appears when loved ones are near" either displayed in the garden or as a grave side decoration, a little robin is sure to raise a fond smile and evoke beautiful memories.
Let them know you are thinking of them

He will arrive presented in a box lined with wood shavings so can be sent as a wonderfully unusual gift along with a personal message straight to their door.

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