Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

What we find really tricky to get across is the fact that we can make pretty much anything from steel, be it decorative or functional, the problem being we cant think of and make everything…. so if you cant see it in the shop, just ask.

Over the last nearly two years we have made many bespoke pieces of art and custom furniture, from a 200mm x 400mm layered Iron Maiden piece to a 1200mm x 2000mm Don Quixote as well as hand made roses with inscriptions, a scaled down war memorial, radiator covers and even a bug hotel the only limit is your imagination.

We also make house signs and numbers, home pub signs and business logos, all you need to do is send us an email, we are very friendly and will work with you to make sure we will bring your idea to life, I will send through proof of design for you to approve and can make adjustments as we go along. We really love it when someone gets in touch with a wacky idea, it’s what we live for, this is the thing that really gets our juices flowing, the whole process is so exciting for us, from the design to cutting and then figuring out how it will best be displayed we just love it.

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