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Molly And Tilly The Flower Pot Fairies

Molly And Tilly The Flower Pot Fairies

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If you go down to the bottom of the garden you will find fairies frozen in flight, I wonder if we can catch them out fluttering around when they think we cant see them? This is a game I used to play in my Grandmas garden when I was a little girl, I used to spend hours trying to catch them out so I could see them coming to life. We have two new fairies to add to our fairy collection, this time on a spike so they can go in boarders, lawn or flower pots. Bring some fairy magic to your garden this summer.


Fairy one - Molly

H 160mm (including spike 320mm) x W 160mm cut from 2mm mild steel.

Fairy two - Tilly

H 200mm (including spike 375mm) x 150mm cut from 2mm mild steel.

Fairies will rust if displayed outside.

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