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Forme Steel

Florence Swinging Fairy Garden Ornament

Florence Swinging Fairy Garden Ornament

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Let me introduce you to Florence, a playful member of our fairy collection.

Dimensions: W: 200mm x H: 190mm
Materials: 2mm mild steel
Finish: Unfinished/will rust/can be painted
Mounting: 1 x 6mm screw hole (screw not provided) can be mounted to the underside of anything horizontal, a tree, post, fence, or shed
Shipping: Eco-friendly

Just imagine the look on your Children or Grandchildren's faces when they discover her living in your garden, let them imagine she magically comes to life and plays on her swing when they are not looking, I bet they try and catch her out.

I remember my Grandparents doing the same when I was younger with little figurines they had in plant pots, I used to spend hours trying to be quick enough to see them playing, it was so magical.

Bring some fairy magic to your garden.

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